Stymeist's RV Rainwater Leak Finder System

No more RV rainwater leaks

RV water leaks are damaging and expensive if you don't find and fix them fast. TROUBLE IS, leaks can be hard to find.


Technicians at Stymeist Auto Body have new European-made equipment that easily finds leaks at their source. We put the entire RV body under gentle pressure from the inside. As air escapes, it makes bubbles where rainwater may be getting inside.

 No Bubbles No Troubles


Stymeists finds hidden RV leaksRainwater leaks can cause stains, odors, mold, and even structural damage. But leaks are not always easy to locate.

Stymeist's leak finder equipment checks for hidden leaks, and accurately finds them if they exist. Our technicians attach a duct that pulls outside air into the RV through the roof vent and creates a positive interior pressure. We apply a bubble solution to the RV's exterior, and where there's bubbles, there's troubles!

No worries, though. What we find, we know how to fix!

Bring your vehicle to us, or we'll bring our equipment to you.


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