RV Seasonal Maintenance

Looking ahead to carefree fun in your RV?

Stymeist's seasonal RV maintenance

Let Stymeist's RV experts put your vehicle to bed in the Winter and wake it up come Spring.

Stymeist's fast mobile service

Your RV is a big investment. Winterizing it properly prevents problems and keeps your RV looking and working like you want it to. You'll have no nasty surprises later on when you're depending on your RV to perform at its carefree best.

We know RVs, inside and out. There's no one better qualified to put your RV to sleep for Winter and bring it out of hybernation in the Spring. We're fast, thorough, and good with the details.



Here's what we'll do:

  • Drain water tank, water heater, and entire water system
  • Blow out water lines (compressed air)
  • Fill water lines with RV food-grade antifreeze (not water heater or holding tank)
  • Disconnect propane (trailers only)
  • Disconnect batteries
  • angry rodentInspect exterior of RV, including tires
  • Seal holes to prevent rodents from entering
  • Lube hinges, steps, trailer tongue or king pin
  • Inspect roof for damage
  • Inspect seams and caulking
  • Inspect slide outs and lube as needed
  • Inspect refrigerator operation and vents
  • Inspect furnace operation and vents
  • Inspect generator operation and fluid levels, lube as needed
  • L/P service/inspection, pressure check for leaks
  • Electrical service/inspection inverters, fuse panel, interior and exterior lights, radio, TV, satellite connections, wall outlets, switches



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